March 27, 2008

Kids Beach Theme Bedroom Mural

I just found a new product for creating children's murals. First you paint the backdrop or use your existing wall. Then peel off the adhesive backing and place the 3 dimensional painted light weight wood pieces on the wall . It is really simple to install a beach mural, but makes a huge impact the By the Sea Mural Kit is the perfect way for parents to create a kids beach theme bedroom with ease. This children's bedroom theme mural kit features beach huts, dolphins frolicking, fish swimming, palm trees, seagulls to mention a few. Your little one can even peel the fish and other items from the wall and play with them amongst the beach settings. Items are non toxic and 100% safe. I love this product. They ship worldwide. This By the Sea Mural Kit contains 23 pieces for $260 Australian dollars. Individual pieces such as the beach cabana or palm tree can also be purchased separately.

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