March 20, 2008

Pineapple Baskets

On my last visit to Hawaii I picked up several pineapple baskets at the Aloha swap meet. I gave them as presents. These baskets have a unique design in that the bottom part that holds your goodies is made of one piece of wood carefully carved to make the basket. When not in use the basket folds flat, then you turn the basket flush with the pineapple and the whole thing folds flat for easy storage. $19.99


januarius said...

your blog is very original.My compliments ,but you can change your holiday destination. Why not Europe?
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Krista said...

Your blog is beautiful. I have been to Europe and enjoyed it greatly (Spain,France and England). I am a former travel agent, so have traveled quite a bit. Hawaii is our favorite destination for many reasons - easy with the kids, love the beaches, the people,the culture, you name it - we love Hawaii!


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