December 31, 2009

Beautiful Waves of Hawaii

Today I was sent this email that I thought I'd share here as these images on Hawaiian waves are breathtaking.

Beautiful Waves of Hawaii . . . UNIQuE

Waimea Bay shore-break surfing pioneer, husband, and father of two, Clark Little has gained nationwide recognition for his photography with appearances on Good Morning America, Inside Edition, and many local news stations across the U.S.

Clark Little on Good Morning America (2009):
It all started in 2007 when Clark 's wife wanted a nice piece of art to decorate a wall. Voluntarily, Clark grabbed a camera, jumped in the water, and starting snapping away capturing the beauty and power of monstrous Hawaiian waves from the inside out." Clark 's view" is a unique view of the ocean that most will only be able to experience safely on land while studying one of Clark 's photos. Now with a camera upgrade and an itch to get that better shot, Clark has taken this on full time and has moved his office from land, to the inside of a barrel.

These incredible images of waves in the Hawaiian Islands were taken by Clark Little, the number one photographer of surf. He is dedicated to photographing the waves and has published a selection of his best images. He captures magical moments inside the tube as surfers say.

Sun Glints Off Wave - Clark Little

Sand in Surf - Clark Little

This shot captures sand from the ocean's floor being swept up by a monstrous wave and resembles a sandstorm.. Little calls it the Sandmonster. There were clouds of sand ten feet high and I'm standing there.I'm holding on to my camera and my trigger as long as I can.Then I have to jump into the cloud of sand to try to get out of danger's way. His fans pay as much as $4,000 for his gorgeous photos.

Tubular Shining - Clark Little

Beach Surf Crashes Down - Clark Little

You can view more photos on Cark Little's Website.

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