September 14, 2010

How to Cut a Mango

I love a good mangos! Now that they are affordable at my local Costco, I picked up a case of them. But, I haven't known the proper way to cut them. So, I found this great video tutorial of how to cut a mango.

I have an extended family member that suffers from an embarrassing and gross health condition. She has chronic diarrhea. In fact it's so bad that it's debilitating to her. After suffering for this condition for over year, she read an article that said that the mango seeds can be used to treat diarrhea. She cuts out the mango seeds and dries them. Then she eats yogurt sprinkled with the seeds. Her problem has all but stopped. She claims that it works as when she doesn't eat them she gets the problem back. So, there's your little tidbit of the day!

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