July 3, 2012

Hawaiian Vacation Essentials for Women

By: Guest Author - Joyce Huang

Hawaii is full of sun, sand and relaxation. It’s a beautiful place to vacation and even live. When packing for a beach trip, you might remember some of the normal things like a toothbrush or underwear, but we’ve come up with a list of essentials that will keep you looking good in the heat. Use this checklist to add on to your base luggage items so that you are well prepared for your stay.

hawaiian vacation essentials for women
  1. Sunscreen – You will want to protect your face and body from harmful rays. It helps prevent aging and disease, but you will still be able to tan when you wear it. Plus, you don’t want to burn and feel miserable the rest of your trip do you? Look for a sport or waterproof options so that it will stay on when you go into the water, or if you start to sweat in the sun. Panama Jack "Surf 'N Sport Sunscreen" $9.
  2. Face blotting sheets – The warmer weather unfortunately gives us more active oil glands that result in a not so pretty slick look on our skin. Keep these sheets handy whenever you want to freshen up. "Boscia "Botting Linens" $10.
  3. Sunglasses – Keep the sun out of your eyes with a great pair of sunglasses. Opt for sunglasses that actually say that they provide high levels of UV protection. After all, while cosmetic sunglasses may look pretty, when you are in the sun you really want to protect your eyes. Not purchasing sunglasses that actually block the rays is no different than going in the burning sun without any sunscreen. Jessica Simpson "Sunglasses"  $50.
  4. Packable floppy hat-A hat is a chic way to add instant style to your beach look. They are a great way to get some relief from the hot sun too. Get one that can be crushed so that when you unpack it from your luggage, it will pop right back into its original shape.  Columbia "Sun Ridge Straw Hat" $35
  5. A.   Jewelry-For the beach vacation there are a few key pieces that you can bring with you to accent your bathing suit or nighttime look. During the day, we love the idea of slipping on wood jewelry or beaded jewelry for a tropical look. Do not wear metal jewelry because it will heat up and can be very painful for your skin.  FanstasyJewelryBox.com "Wood Bracelet" $22.B. For nighttime looks, keep chandelier earrings and cocktail rings handy. One tip? If you bring a long beaded necklace with you, it can also double as a fabulous bracelet. Just wind it around your wrist. FantasyJewelryBox.com "Yellow Chandelier Earrings". $28.
  6. Waterproof mascara – We know, we know, just like the gym, why would we wear make-up to the beach? But sorry, some of us love make-up, and a waterproof mascara is a fabulous way to really make your eyes pop, without it even looking like you have make-up on.  Diorshow "Waterproof Mascara" $25.
  7. Bathing suits – This sounds like a no brainer, but if you aren’t use to packing them, you might forget them. Bring three options with you. While some people would say to just bring two so that you have one dry one, while the other is wet, we know that stylish women like to have options.
  8. Oversized scarf – Scarves like these are a must, no matter where you are traveling. They are great for fighting the chill at airports, but at the beach, they are wonderful cover-ups, and you can tie them in multiple ways so that you get a ton of different looks out of just one item. Turn it into a halter dress, skirt or even tube dress. Walmart "3-1 Sarong" $5.
Guest Bio:
Joyce Huang is a former fashion editor and stylist. She has worked with companies such as People, InStyle, The Today Show, The View and many more. Currently she writes the blog for Fantasy Jewelry Box (http://www.fantasyjewelrybox.com). Fantasy Jewelry Box  is one of the most well known, affordable fashion and cubic zirconia jewelry stores on the web. It has been spotted everywhere from E! News and Access Hollywood, to Glamour and Lucky magazines.

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