October 21, 2012

Crystal Ship Chandeliers

I was watching HGTV's House Hunter's Renovation and the dining room had a gorgeous ship chandelier. I've never seen anything like it.  So I set out to find similar options.
This Summer we moved to Utah and are currently renting a home. I sure miss all of the tropical touches in my old home. We are looking for land to build our next home. Of course it will be beachy style inside. But, I really want it to have one of these ship chandeliers! I'll be saving up for this purchase as they aren't cheap.
crystal ship chandelier in custom colors

1st dibs crystal ship chandelier
Crystal Ship Chandelier from 1st Dibs

ship chandelier
Johnny's Ship Chandelier from Bograd Kids

nautical style bathroom
Look at this Elegant Bathroom.
nanette lepore den with ship chandelier
Nanette Lepore's Den.
kitchen with ship chandelier
It looks fab in this kitchen.

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Anonymous said...

The ship chandeliers are AWESOME! Thanks for sharing the pics.


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