May 11, 2013

Tropical Coral Chairs

I've fallen in love with tropical coral chairs. These stylish chairs can go in many room. Here are some of my favorites:

Although a splurge, they coral chairs are a work of art! Created by Hollywood Designer, Marjorie Skouris, these chairs can be used inside or art.

metal coral chair
Choose from red or white.

red coral armchair
Red Coral Needlepoint Armchair - also has a matching stool.
Also available in blue.
fabric coral chair
Here's an affordable fabric coral chair.


Amy O'Neill said...

Hi Krista!

I very much enjoy reading your posts. While I live in Ireland I really like Hawaiian/tropical/floridian style of decorating.

I think you might like to see the glasses I bought in Ikea today - pretty flamingos and pineapples!

I'd love if you'd consider following my blog :-)


Krista said...


Thanks for stopping by. Those glasses are adorable! Will def follow your blog.

ps3 jailbreak said...
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